Your First Wealth Is Your Health

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Many people spend a lot of time and energy preparing for their future: Retirement plans, financial planning, investments, savings accounts, etc. This is smart. Many of us will live long past our retirement age, and it will be important to have the resources to spend time with our families, travel, and enjoy ourselves.

But most people don’t spend time investing in their health until a “screening test”, health scare, sickness or pain brings it to their attention. What if we spent as much time investing in our bodies and our health as we did our finances?

You’ve probably heard the common saying “Your first wealth is your health”. It seems obvious, but many of us brush it off and say, “Well I feel fine now, I must be healthy!” But many times we do not treat our body with the respect we should. When it starts failing us, we want our health back, but often times it is too late. If you amass all the riches in the world but can’t be around to enjoy it, what have you gained? What if we invested some money, time and effort into our bodies NOW so that we could enjoy our retirement years? Do you have time to exercise for 30 minutes a day? Do you have enough money to buy and prepare fresh food for yourself and your family? Do you have enough willpower to drink just a little more water? Go to bed just a little bit earlier? Watch just a little less TV? Couldn’t you laugh a little more often? Do you know a good Chiropractor to check your nervous system?

Our passion is helping people make big investments in their health NOW, so that they can reap the even huger dividends LATER. Picture yourself at 60 years, 70 years, 80 years, or 90 years old. Are you out playing soccer with your grandkids or lying in a hospital bed? The choices you make now will be the determining factor.

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