Your first wealth is your health

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Your first wealth is your healthYou may have heard the expression “your first wealth is your health”. You probably even nodded in agreement, “yeah that’s true…” And then shortly after that, you probably forgot about it.

I believe most people understand that their health is important. But two things get in the way of that.

  1. “If you feel fine, you think you ARE fine”. How you feel is actually a poor indicator of health. For example, when you have vomiting and diarrhea after eating something spoiled, you feel horrible. But in fact, your body is in great health, if it can detect and eliminate the offender so quickly. Likewise, someone might feel great, yet have a heart attack tomorrow. They didn’t develop heart disease overnight; rather heart disease has been accumulating for years prior to that attack. Don’t get me wrong, you might feel horrible and have terrible health, too; likewise, you might feel good and have wonderful health. But how you feel isn’t a reliable indicator of how WELL your body really is.
  2. “Don’t fix what ain’t broke.” I hear people saying this all the time in reference to their health. This mentality might work for material possessions, such as a car or an engine… but it is dangerous advice for the body. You see, unlike a machine, the body has this great ability to adapt and adapt and adapt to whatever stress and circumstance is placed upon it…. Until, BAM! It can’t adapt anymore. And that BAM – that’s your health failing, or a disease taking over, and that BAM could be a place where it’s too late to do much to help or make the necessary changes. So how can you keep yourself healthy and PREVENT symptoms, rather that WAITING for a symptom before you take action?

Prevention is multifaceted and takes work and effort. You can’t eat junk, sit on the couch, watch TV, never get adjusted, have a grumpy attitude, and drink soda all your life without paying the consequences in the end. It’s okay to have a little fun, but treat your body well so that you can have fun for longer!

Prevention and maintenance of true HEALTH (not JUST the absence of symptoms) takes place in several areas: Nervous system health (keeping subluxation off your nerves), Fuel for the body (food, hydration, supplementation – everything you put IN), Sleep (how much, where, when, what position), Mental Health (positivity, stress management, emotional support, etc), and Movement (exercise and movement vs. sedentary lifestyle). There are other factors, too, but these are the major components of health prevention.

My specialty is Chiropractic. By detecting and removing stresses and the effects of stresses on your spine from the assaults of poor habits in the other categories listed above, your body is more able to handle and adapt to stresses for longer. Yes, we all die. But to some extent, how long we live — and to a large extent, how WELL we live and enjoy that life — are up to us!!!

My advice? Make small investments in your health now to avoid larger, more expensive issues later. Every little thing you change for the better counts! 🙂 You’ve got this!

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