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Your Body is Smart, Your Body is Strong!!!

There are about 100 billion reasons to be thankful for how smart and strong your body is every day.

Just one of the amazing things that your body does is fight off infection. I know lots of people talk about how often people get a cold, the flu or some other virus, but the more amazing thing is how many times you DON’T!!! Think about it, there are bugs and germs and viruses everywhere! How is it that you are not always sick with something!?!fort collins chiropracticIt’s called your immune system and it’s AMAZING!!! Your immune system is a complex organization of cells, tissues, and organs that are constantly working together to keep you well. White blood cells are just one part of that system but they have a very important role. They float through your bloodstream looking for bacteria, viruses and other things that might put your body out of balance if left unchecked. They are essentially your own inborn peace-keepers.

There are five different kinds of white blood cells, each with a unique task. The greatest in number are the neutrophils which are your first line of defense when it comes to infection. Their job is to kill and consume bacteria. Lymphocytes are another type and their job is to remember, recognize and respond to previous invaders. Monocytes respond to inflammation and help break down bacteria in our bodies. Eosinophils play a role in allergic reactions and in killing some cancer cells. Finally, basophils are typically fewest in number and their job is to sound the alarm. They produce a chemical to help control our immune response.

Your body makes around 100 billion new white blood cells every day which in and of itself is incredible!!! Should your body encounter an imbalance of viruses replicating or bacteria proliferating, it immediately swings into action producing even more white blood cells (up to four times as many) to help fight it off. That is why, for the most part, most of us spend way more time being healthy than being sick.fort collins chiropractorThe Connection Between Nerves And The Immune System

Your immune system is intricately connected to your nervous system. Like every system of your body, good communication through your nerve system allows it to function at its best. That’s another reason why seeing your chiropractor regularly is so important. Your
chiropractor will check your spine to insure the function of your nerve system. The clearer your nerve system from imbalance, the
better your immune system and your whole body can be. Just another amazing thing to be thankful for!


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