Words of Encouragement


As humans, we aren’t perfect. And that’s okay! And the sooner we embrace that, the better. 

You see, it’s good to have knowledge and goals about what it means to be healthy. Prevention is important. But it’s also okay to give yourself room to fail. 

it's okay to fail at your health goals; just keep trying

You will have days where you don’t sleep enough. That’s okay. You will have days during which you don’t eat as well as your body would like you to. That’s okay. There will be days when stress piles up on you. That’s okay. There will be days when your life is busy and your family needs you and you can’t make time to exercise. That’s okay. You will have days when it’s hard to stay positive, motivated, and on course. That’s okay!

I want to give you words of encouragement for those days. Let it go. We aren’t perfect. When we try to be, life is tough because we can’t achieve that. 

So fail. Embrace it. But make sure you succeed more than you fail. Setting up healthy lifestyle habits and preparing for success helps you achieve and beat your goals! Schedule time for your workouts and make them a priority. Then on days you need the break, take it! Load your fridge with healthy, whole and organic foods. But give yourself permission to get takeout when the day has you feeling ragged. 

The whole point is this: majority wins! If the majority of your life is filled with great health choices, exercise, nourishing foods, hydration, positive thoughts and regular adjustments, you can more easily absorb the negativity of some poorer health choices when you want or need to make them. Healthy habits for a high percentage of the time gives you the freedom and leeway to make up for the unhealthy occurrences. So don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a new day filled with new motivation and new possibility. 

So if today is a “check out” day for you: rest up. Get your mind right for tomorrow. 


And if today is a good day for you: stay on course, keep at it! You are building a healthy future for yourself. Be proud of that!

love, dr jenn

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