Why Vitamin C?


Vitamin C is a fantastic vitamin! Increasing the amount of foods you eat with vitamin C helps boost your immune system so your body can defend against colds, flus, and even early allergies. Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, is water soluble, so it is easily excreted from the body when consumed in excess. What does this mean? GET PLENTY!!! It’s so critical for metabolism and healthy function that many mammals are able to create it themselves. Humans are one of the few that CANNOT! (Along with guinea pigs, gorillas, chimps, bats, and birds). This means we need to make sure we are eating enough vitamin C or supplementing accordingly.

 Not a pirate? It’s not just about Scurvy anymore! Vitamin C has many functions. Have a strain or a sprain? Vit C is needed to produce healthy connective tissue. Dry skin or a cut that won’t heal? Vit C has a high percentage of collagen in it!

Do you like to run or bike? Vit C is necessary to produce hemoglobin, the molecule in our blood that carries oxygen!

Do you have oxidative stress? (Everyone does!) Vit C is a powerful anti-oxidant to help keep cells healthy and prevent premature aging and cell damage. A study in England found that those who had great Vit C intake have healthier hearts! Ready for bikini weather? Vit C helps facilitate fat metabolism!

30% of Americans area deficient in Vitamin C. The number one reason is a lack of intake of fruits and vegetables that are rich in this vitamin. EAT UP!!

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