Why not?

I hang out with many people and chiropractors that tell people why they should be seeing a chiropractor.  Many of their reasons are perfect and valid and actually make a lot of sense to people that want to take control of their health and actually use a form of HEALTHcare not regularly utilized in America: Prevention.

However, I am not talking about the reasons “why” people should get checked by a chiropractor but why people do not.  I am often perplexed by people that do not get checked by a chiropractor so I ask “why not”.  Believe it or not, the number one answer I get is “I do not believe in chiropractic.”  Is chiropractic a belief?  It’s not like chiropractic is a myth or a legend, it is a true science, it is an art, and it is proven by scientific research.  Even JAMA states that chiropractic relieves back pain in 73% of cases opposed to only 17% of cases with medical intervention.  In fact there are many research articles all around that show the relationship between chiropractic and pain relief.  So to say that you have to “believe” in chiropractic to see results is actually the only fiction associated with chiropractic.  It is real!

This brings me to the next “why not” which is “I do not have any back pain.”  Now obviously back pain and chiropractic is associated by the research involved.  This is due to the fact that wellness or prevention is a very difficult research topic.  Many research articles show back and neck pain can be reduced by a chiropractic adjustment.  However, if you don’t have pain what can a chiropractor do for you?  Let me ask you this, do you go to the dentist when you don’t have a cavity?  Do you get annual physicals without hurting yourself?  Do you get a mammogram without any symptoms of breast cancer?  If you answered yes to any of these, what do you do to get your nervous system checked?  You know, the nervous system, the system that controls every cell, organ, tissue, and muscle in your body!  Most people do not understand that chiropractors are nervous system doctors, not back pain doctors.  Now this is the fault of many chiropractors themselves as we advertise back pain constantly because explaining chiropractic and back pain is easy.  Explaining nervous system function is hard!  Or at least it is a hard concept for a person to grasp.  What a chiropractor is trained to do is detect nerve dysfunction.  What would happen if you had 10% loss of nerve function to your heart?  Probably nothing!  You would not notice any symptoms most likely at all.  Now what would happen if every year for the rest of your life you had an additional 0.5% loss of nerve function to that heart?  Do you think you would be higher risk for heart disease or a heart attack?  What if a chiropractor could detect nerve irritation around the area of the heart and provide an adjustment that would encourage your body and nervous system to self-heal, the way you were created to do?  What if your immune system function could be increased by just 1%?  Do you think that could prevent 1 cold in your life?  Do you think that would make your life better?  These are all questions that are extremely hard to do research on!  How do you predict at what percent of nerve function you would have a heart attack or at what rate your body would cause an increased percentage of nerve dysfunction?  These are almost impossible to judge, yet the results most chiropractors see speak volumes to the power of an adjustment.  People that get their nervous system checked do not get sick as often, do not get as frequent ear infections, perform their sport at a higher level, have less stress physically, mentally, and chemically and sleep better.  These are all testimonials I hear each and every day from my patients.  So do you need pain to get checked by a chiropractor?

The last point I will talk about is the third most likely response I get from “why not” see a chiropractor.  This is the money answer.  People think of chiropractic the same as they think about most medical care: EXPENSIVE.  A chiropractic treatment usually costs around $40-50.  It is not like walking into an ER and being charged $2000!  $40 to get a better functioning nervous system?  That does not sound very pricey to me.  Now I know what everyone is thinking, that one adjustment will not be the recommended treatment.  Most of the time, you are correct.  However this does not mean you have to get adjusted 3-4 times per week for the rest of your life either.  Sure, if you come in and have back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, constipation, and are on 20 different medications you might have to come in more frequently than the athlete that treats his body like the marvel that is it!  Time and repetition is what allows the body to heal and your nervous system to get back “online.”  Once you are out of pain or symptoms though, a chiropractic treatment plan will be more like the many other doctor visits you go to each year.  Only this one will be for prevention!  What if you could get checked once a month and prevent your nervous system from building up nerve dysfunction?


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