Why is sleep important?


Do you put off sleep, watching one last TV show, browsing the internet, or trying to accomplish just one more thing on your to-do list? There is a reason we have to sleep – and if you stop and think about it, you might place more importance on dedicating a third of your day to it!

Why is sleep important

During sleep, we literally repair from the day, AND recharge for the next day. Our brain recharges by clearing out toxins, regenerating neurons, creating new connections, process memories, and deal with other information from our day. Damaged cells in the body are repaired, regenerated, and grown. Hormones are released to regulate our bodies and continue normal function of our immune system, organs, and our ability to deal with stress. It’s also a time for our joints, muscles and ligaments to rest and repair – from any work we required of them the previous day. Our discs are re-hydrated, helping maintain proper motion and height of our spine to ensure plenty of space for nerve passage.

Sleep deprivation not only compromises these systems, but it weakens our immune system, sets us up for inflammation and disease, and decreases our ability to handle physical, chemical, and emotional stresses in the upcoming days. It can affect mental clarity, the health of our skin, and our fitness levels. We are more prone to making mental errors, injuring ourselves, or getting sick!


The average amount of sleep adults get is approximately 6.5 hours, when ideally our bodies need closer to 8 hours. Babies, toddlers and children need even more than that, because not only do they have to repair from the day, but their brains and bodies are in rapid GROWTH mode.

This year, make an effort to set that bedtime for you and your family a bit earlier. Your future self will be thankful! And if your sleep quality is poor – you sleep, but wake up tired or fatigued – it could be a sign that the stresses on your nerve system are impacting how well your body can enter and stay asleep. That means it’s time for a nerve scan to see if adjustments will help. We are standing by, ready to tune up your nerve system! 970-232-9258


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