What's a KNEE got to do with it?

Knees and Peak Performance ChiropracticNot everyone thinks of a KNEE when they think of a CHIROPRACTOR. Maybe the back, the spine, etc. But rarely the knee. But let’s talk about knees! After all, what do a knee and Chiropractic have in common?
Some of you may know that I actually first discovered Chiropractic due to a knee issue. I was in the middle of my high school cross country season, which coincided with my club soccer season. I developed sudden and extreme knee pain on a long run. I was horrified, since I not only loved to run, but couldn’t imagine missing upcoming soccer games and tournaments, not to mention my high school soccer season the next spring. As the pain continued with each impact of my foot into the ground, fear raced through my mind. I had seen teammates and friends deal with ACL, MCL, meniscus issues, everything from sprains to tears. We initially went to an MD, who suggested surgery. The problem was, there was no diagnosis… Was this going to be exploratory surgery? Would I miss my season? What would the outcome be? My Mom was not convinced (thankfully). Luckily, the goalie on our team recommended a great Chiropractor. She discovered the CAUSE of my knee pain was a misalignment of my HIP. So surgery would have done literally NOTHING to help me.
She provided a specific adjustment to my lower back and pelvis to free up the nerve interference that was causing my problem. Two or three adjustments later, I could run without pain. I learned an invaluable lesson that day – the problem is not always where the pain is! And finding the right “detective” or Doctor to help you is VERY important.
Chiropractors deal with all joints in the body. Why? Because nerves pass through every joint on their way to your extremities, organs and tissues. The majority of the nerves and joints we deal with are at the spine. This is where all nerves must pass to send their signals and messages to the body. Sometimes a knee is not adapting well to the stress or strain placed upon it and needs an adjustment at the actual knee joint to realign and function better. There can also be times when an injury is severe, such as a severe tear or other injury too far gone for an adjustment to help, and you could then need a different type of doctor, or even a surgery. But sometimes, like in the case of my problem, the issue is somewhere else in the body and a different location needs the adjustment.
So where do you start? Who do you go to for help? First, you want to find a provider you are comfortable with and you trust, whether that is our office or somewhere else. Ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. Dr. Brian and I have worked with athletic injuries and athletes, weekend warriors, or casual exercisers for years. We are trained to find the CAUSE of the problem, not just “explore” at the area of pain. We are also trained to know when something is more severe than what we are able to treat. In these cases, we can refer a practice member out for further imaging and testing.
In the cases where a problem is nerve or joint related, we know some GREAT adjustments to help your body heal and recover from the issue. Sometimes that adjustment could be above the knee – at the hip, pelvis, or lower back. Sometimes it could be below the knee – at the ankle or foot. And sometimes AT the knee itself. Dr. Brian trained with an expert on knees, gait and athletes, so he knows some very exclusive and effective knee adjustments.
Dr. Brian is also certified to perform sports participation physicals for middle school and high school athletes. As a perk, he will evaluate your son or daughter’s risk for ACL strain or tear with a few quick biomechanical tests. Now that’s something every athlete “KNEEds” for peace of mind! I know, lame pun – but true!
Don’t take your knees for granted! They are important – for walking, running, jumping, bending, squatting and more! And it is for this same reason they can develop stress and degeneration earlier than other joints in our body. Chiropractic can help you stay active for longer!
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