What causes disc injury?


The number one way to develop a lower back disc injury involved flexing forward and reaching /or lifing from the lower back. This is why you always hear “lift with your legs!” It is truly an important and wise piece of advice. When you flex forward from the back and use your smaller postural muscles to lift, this puts an incredible amount of force on the discs in the spine. These forces can cause tears and microtrauma to the outer fibers in the disc. If weakened enough, those discs will tear or rupture, allowing the fluid-like inner components to leak out and cause intense pain when it comes in contact with your nerves. In contrast, if you bend at the knees, take hold of an object, and use your much larger leg muscles to do the work, your lower back is protected.

Poor sitting posture is another way to cause injury and stress to your lower back.  Your body was designed to have the least amount of biomechanical stress in an upright, seated position, like the one diagramed below. If you slouch or hunch forward at your desk, in the car, on the couch, or at the table, you create much greater, and uneccesary stresses on the joints in your spine, especially those in the lower region of your back.

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