What Are You Grateful For?

blog about gratitude somewhat often… But there’s a reason. Gratitude has been shown to immediately and effectively improve your mood, your outlook, your happiness levels AND your long term health. All that from just some thankfulness? YES PLEASE!

What Is Gratitude?

To be grateful means to appreciate benefits received or express gratitude and thanks. The law of attraction tells us that the more often we stop and think about what we are thankful for – the more time we spend in gratitude – the more that the universe will give us to be grateful FOR!
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Gratitude In Practice

Gratitude can be simple, quick and easy. Some people have a gratitude journal and aim to add 1-3 things per day. Others like to share them out loud with their family over the dinner table. I often just keep the idea in the back of my mind and stay on the lookout for wonderful things and make note of them during the day, reminding myself how lucky I am and how thankful I am for these things. I love to ask my son at bedtime to tell me something for which he feels grateful. His answers never cease to surprise me and the tradition always make me smile. Even kids understand gratitude. I like sending him off to sleep on a positive note.

Focus In

Being aware of our blessing is the first step to having a more thankful mind. The more time we spend in that positive, grateful mindset, the more of the health and mood benefits we will reap. Your newly improved mood, mindset and health can all be new things to find gratitude in!
So… What are you grateful for?

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