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Chiropractic care is fast becoming a popular choice during pregnancy. Some people see a Chiropractor during pregnancy because they were already getting adjusted prior to getting pregnant, and they want to continue the great wellness benefits of having top-notch nervous system function. Some come as part of their preparation for the big event: labor. Some start getting adjusted because of some new discomforts that arise with the changes in their body.

We believe it is an essential part of your prenatal wellness routine. From keeping you more comfortable, to decreasing labor times, and ensuring your nerve system is at it’s PEAK websterPERFORMANCE while your body has the very important job of growing the newest addition to your  family, Chiropractic gives you an edge during pregnancy.

I am trained and certified in Webster Technique. During pregnancy, misalignments or subluxations, especially of the pelvis and lower back, can cause strain and uneven pulling of the muscles and ligaments that attach from the pelvis to the uterus.

Check out the diagram to the left. There are ligaments that connect from your tailbone (sacrum), DIRECTLY to the uterus. This means that rotations or restrictions at your sacrum, or in your pelvis, will affect the uterus via these ligaments. Tension, torsion or imbalance can occur. And when you are pregnant, you want the baby’s environment to be optimized: free of restraint or torsion, so the baby can develop, grow, and move as is necessary.

Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic style of adjustment that facilitates the desired balance in the pelvis, reducing intrauterine restraint, and keeping torsion off the uterus. This gives the baby the opportunity to get into the best possible position for birth.

You can read more about Webster Technique in this article. Or watch this video featuring Jeanne Ohm:

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