We Are Your Catalyst

“We are valuable to the world to the degree that we can help others find solutions.”
-John Demartini

I read this quote today and it really spoke to me about my role in patients’ lives.Often times, people think of chiropractors as doctors who “fix their back”, or “get rid of their pain or symptom”, or something similar. While these may be the end result, my role is actually quite different than a pain relief doctor.

What A Chiropractor Really Does

Though somewhat branded for pain relief or as “back fixers”, chiropractors actually do something far more interesting. We adjust the spine to remove stress and interference from the nerves running through that spine. These stresses, or subluxations, wreak havoc on proper function and communication of those nerves. Nerves that control EVERY cell, organ, and tissue in your body.

Now, it’s true that these subluxations CAN cause pain. It’s also true that adjustments CAN result in reduction or elimination of this pain. But the HEALING is actually being done by YOUR body! YOUR body does all the work to repair the damage. It’s just one heck of a lot easier (and altogether much more likely) for that healing to be able to take place if we take away that subluxated nerve and remove that stress first.

The Value In Chiropractic

The real value in chiropractic is what happens after the adjustment. After the subluxation is removed, your nerves communicate better faster and stronger. Imagine a highway with cars running to and from a control center and important business hubs. A subluxation is like a traffic jam on the highway. No messages or workers can get through. An adjustment “clears” this traffic jam. Not only does everyone get where they need to be faster, they do so with more ease. Everyone has a better day. After the jam is cleared, drivers are happier, people feel better, there is less grumbling and “pain”. Work can go on as needed, and the function of the system is so much better.Our value lies in helping your body come to its own solution to a problem – by providing it with the best environment, and proper resources and ability to do this with better nerve function.

The really cool part about what we do is that we can help your body improve in ALL aspects of health – NOT JUST PAIN! Only about 10% of your nerves are dedicated to pain signal. That means the other 90% are doing something else entirely. Imagine what could happen to your digestion if the nerves to those organs didn’t have a traffic jam. Or imagine how much better you’d sleep if your nerves weren’t bogged down with slow downs and stress.

This is why people without pain (hint: kids, for example) can still benefit greatly from chiropractic care.

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I Am Your Teammate

As a chiropractor, I am your teammate in health. I work WITH you and WITH your body to improve your health, eliminate stresses, and get you feeling better. My adjustment is like a catalyst in your journey. It works with your body to get the transformation and the best results possible.

As your teammate, it’s also important that you remember to work with ME! Eliminating additives and chemicals in your foods, getting better sleep, moving your body more often, drinking more water… These actions all help your body do its job of healing more quickly, more smoothly, and more efficiently.

Our adjustments will always benefit you by improving your nerve system. But the level of improvement will also depend upon those other factors… you know – the things you do during the 23 hours and 50 minutes of the day when we DON’T see you!

Ready To join Us In health?

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