Top 10 Supplements for Sickness

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Winter and all the immune challenges that comes with it are upon us! Read more about flu season in my past blog HERE.

But the fact remains, we are all under a little more stress in those winter months. Are you interested in learning ways to improve your nutrition (through diet and/or supplementation) to improve your odds of staying healthy this winter?

Regular chiropractic adjustments, combined with the right nutritional choices, work together to create a POWERHOUSE immune system that is strong enough to get you through the winter better than in years past.


Join us Tuesday, November 29th at the office at 5:30pm to learn about the 10 best supplements to support you this winter. I think we can all agree: No one likes to get sick! So come learn the natural remedies that are out there, along with prevention techniques. The best part? They are safe and proven for the ENTIRE family!

Send us an email at, or call Kudzai at 970-232-9258 to reserve your seat and ensure we have enough supplies and space for everyone who wants to attend. There is NO charge for this event.

Hope to see you soon!

love, dr jenn

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