My All Time Favorite Testimonial


My favorite testimonial is one I hear all the time, actually: 

“I can’t believe how much better my life is now than it was one year ago.”

Committing To Health

When people commit to their health (such as regular chiropractic adjustments to remove stress from their nerve system) for a long period of time, the before and after change can be quite dramatic. It’s one of the best parts of my day. I never get tired of hearing how our practice members’ lives have changed for the better since they started getting adjusted and, through those adjustments, letting their body heal and function at a higher level.

Often times, a new patient will initiate care because of a symptom: perhaps back pain, sports or work injury, headaches, soreness, tightness, poor energy levels, gastrointestinal issues, sleeping problems, or a range of motion problem…. the list could go on and on. Once their initial symptom starts to decrease, and other health benefits begin to emerge, most practice members continue to get adjusted on a regular basis to continue to enjoy these changes. It’s amazing to think that there are so many members of our community living in unnecessary discomfort; not living up to their potential each day. When patients look back on their time before starting with chiropractic, they often shake their head in amazement; almost in disbelief over the change.

The Story Of The Whole Family

Then we have our families who get adjusted together. You’ve heard me talk before about how families who get adjusted together stay WELL together. It really holds true when the entire family unit is under care. When the whole family gets nerve system tune-ups, they are able to enjoy the benefits of EVERYONE in the family getting the immune system boost and “attitude adjustments” that come with having less stress on the body. It makes for an overall happier and healthier family experience.

It makes me happy to know that, because of chiropractic, there are families out there who are living healthier, experiencing less sick days, and enjoying more days out of their years. I hope that as our community continues to grow, more and more families continue to find and enjoy these same benefits.

Why Do I Share This?

I wanted to share some of my favorite testimonials with you so that you could see that you aren’t alone! Many people notice how much chiropractic enhances their lives for the better. How old were you when you were introduced to chiropractic care? Do you wish you’d started sooner? Who can you tell your story to share this gift of better health, pain-free living, and better potential? Feel free to direct them to our website if they have questions! And if a loved one lives outside of our area, let us know! We can try to help find them a good chiropractor near their home.

Thanks for all the stories! Keep sharing – we love to hear them!

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