Three Ways We Want You To Feel Valued At Peak Performance

Peak Performance ChiropracticFort Collins ChiropractorThree Ways We Want You To Feel Valued At Peak Performance

Hi to all! Sorry I was MIA for a month! I hit full-on nesting mode during June, so I was busy organizing, cleaning and all-around prepping for the new baby which kept me pushing all my blogs to the back burner. We have some fun stuff coming out later in July though – Dr. B has been recording vlogs left and right, so stay tuned for those!

Today, I have a little story for you, and wanted to share my analogy that relates to our mindset towards our practice members. Hint: We think very highly of you!

My son fell asleep on the car ride home from the grocery store today. As I stole glances at his sweet slumbering face in the rear view mirror, my mind wandered. When I look at him (and think of the new baby that will be joining our family soon), three major things come to mind. 

Aside from doing our best to raise our kids to be awesome, mature adults, productive members of society, and overall good people, there are three things I want them to feel each and every day:

  1. That they are safe. This seems simple enough, but I want to spend energy and effort purposefully ensuring my kids know to their core that our family is a safe space. Physically and emotionally and however else. I want them to grow up knowing I will be the mama bear that does whatever it takes to keep them safe.
  2. That they are loved. I believe a human can never be “over-loved”. If anything, today’s society and our communities don’t show enough love to each other. Life puts you up against bullies, road rage, social media stress, passive aggressive pitfalls, grumpy interactions, unsatisfied people, stress, pressure, and who knows what else! So I want these kids to know an immeasurable amount of unconditional love as they grow so that they can spread that love to others and make this world a more positive, caring place.
  3. That they matter. Whether they are 2 years, 12 years, or 32 years old, I want them to know they are important. They matter to me, to others, and to God. Their thoughts and feelings are valid. Whether they are right or wrong, or learning and discovering, it makes no difference. They might be one voice in a million, but they matter.  

Why am I sharing this with you?!

Because I want you to know we also have the same hope for our practice members. We want you to feel safe, loved, and important from the moment you walk through our door. 

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Our practice members are in a safe place. 

We provide safe, skilled adjustments for all ages. On top of that, we perform a detailed physical examination before care starts to ensure optimal safety and of course give the most efficient care as well. It’s also a safe place for you to share and just be yourself. We will not judge you; rather our goal is to inspire, help and encourage you. 

Our practice members are loved. 

We love people. I suppose you have to when you choose the healthcare and service industry for your life’s work. We care about how you feel, what happens to you, and we genuinely want to improve your situation. That all comes from a place of love.

Our practice members matter. 

What you are going through matters. We want to get to know your health status during the consult and over the course of your care with us. We listen and act in your best interest because even if we haven’t felt what you are feeling, we know it matters to you and your family. 

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