This one is for the Dads!



Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

 Dads are awesome – and if you are as lucky as me, you have dads in your life that take great care of their families! Fathers, husbands, the fathers of our children, our grandfathers, our fathers-in-law… Whether they are here with us now, far across the country, or only still with us in our memories, they have given us a lot.

Parents in general tend to give and give and give… and days like this give us the chance to not only thank them for all they do, but focus on them for once! To support our dads, it is important to encourage them to stay healthy. What ways can we help our dads be healthy so they are with us for many years to come? You can start with the 6 aspects of health: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Positive Attitude, Exercise, and, my favorite (of course), the Nervous System! Yup, Dads need adjustments too! Especially from all those years of carrying you in from the car asleep, picking you up after you fell off your bike, playing catch in the backyard, standing outside in the freezing cold and smoldering heat watching your soccer games, helping you move… the list goes on and on. So this Father’s day, celebrate and have some fun with the dads in your life. And make sure they have a great Chiropractor as part of their healthcare team! If you are in the Fort Collins area, we would love to be the ones to take care of your loved ones and their spines!

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