Things I never imagined doing while holding a baby

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So this morning I put on mascara while holding my baby… But that’s not even on the list of the craziest thing I’ve done while holding him…

holding a babySo let’s see. I’ve had to pick up my dog while holding him before she smeared her head in a suspicious “mud” puddle (yes, I know her “I’m going to do this, Mom!” look). I peed at the airport while traveling alone with him and held him the entire time. I’m sure I could think of others. And then there are the less crazy things that happen all the time – that aren’t strange occurrences at all – to me and parents everywhere…. stirring dinner, talking on the phone, getting the mail, plugging my phone into the charger, toting a diaper bag plus whatever else I need for the day. There are times when you just cannot (or your child protests vehemently if you try to) put them down.

I’ve gotten better at being productive during my time away from him. Naps, errands, work, play time, etc. But the fact remains that as long as he is a little tot, juggling the weight of my child is a new part of my life. Many of these situations put me into precarious physical situations or positions that put a stress or two on my spine. I could sit here all day and lecture about how parents should try to hold their babies equally on both sides of the body, keeping good balance, being kind to your spine, joints, and muscles, protecting your back and nerves, etc.

Blah blah blah.

I will of course, continue to guide practice members in ways to eliminate stresses in every day tasks that take a toll on their health, child-holding not excluded. But at the end of the day, I know that sometimes as a parent, you have to do what you have to do. (And you’re going to do what you feel you have to do.) And that’s okay, we shouldn’t feel guilty for that.

That’s where Chiropractic comes in. We should always strive to keep the stresses placed onto our body (whether it’s physical, chemical, or emotional stress) in check and to a minimum; but there are times in life when we just can’t. That’s why I get regularly checked and adjusted by Dr. Brian! Those adjustments help me keep on being a mom and doing all the things I need to do in my typical day. How? By removing the irritation and interference placed on my nerves so that I can continue to function at my best. Because I want to keep showing up as the best version of me possible 🙂


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