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Dr. Melissa is joining us this week for another guest blog! She is sharing her amazing experience service on a chiropractic mission trip to Guatemala.

A Chiropractic Experience That Changed My Life

If you’re like me, you grew up with everything you could ever need: food, clothing, family, home, you name it. I’m not sure if I was just naïve or if my subconscious mind really wanted me to believe that all children grew up the way I did. In August of 2016 I made a decision that would forever change the way not only that I viewed chiropractic, but also that I viewed the world that we live in.

As I sat there complaining of studying for whatever exam I had the next day, my best friend sent me a text that read “you should go to Guatemala with me.” I knew there was an upcoming mission trip to San Mateo but not once did I think that I would be interested in spending 12 days in a country I had never been to, eating food I wouldn’t typically eat, and serving hundreds of people that I would likely never see again.

chiropractic fort collins Boy was I wrong.

As we landed in Guatemala City, we loaded 16 people, luggage, and portable chiropractic tables into a van that was only supposed to seat 12. We laughed, complained, and slept the six hours that it took us to get to where we were staying for the night.

Serving The People In San Mateo

The next morning we arrived in San Mateo, amazed at the amount of stray dogs, children with no shoes, people who were sleeping on the side of the road, among so many other things that I have never experienced before.

We gathered our thoughts and set up our chiropractic tables. We were overwhelmed as so many people wanted to watch us, curious about what we were doing, but we were unable to communicate, as we didn’t speak their language. It was exciting for a student barely entering into the clinic at school to be adjusting so many people. People would jump up; hug you, and thank you for helping them. To us, it may have been a simple adjustment but to them, it was a life-changing experience.

chiropractor fort collins

We helped hundreds of people through chiropractic adjustments but there is one little girl that I will never forget. One adjustment changed the way I viewed the power of Chiropractic. I remember her mother waiting for her turn to hand her screaming daughter over to me, looking me in the eyes as she asks me to please help her baby. As a student who had barely any experience, I was unsure I was competent enough to help her. During that one adjustment, a screaming baby who could barely turn her head, and who’s nervous system was so overwhelmed, fell asleep and began to breathe at a relaxed rate. Her mother cried as she saw her baby calm for the first time possibly in her life. I sat there and held this precious little girl, tears in my eyes, knowing that I just changed her life.

chiropractor fort collins

My experience in Guatemala reminded me that we need to slow down, take it all in, and truly appreciate the life that we have been given.

About Dr. Mel

Dr. Mel is one of the Chiropractors on the team with us at Peak Performance. She is passionate about improving the health of our Fort Collins’ community, one nerve system at a time. She knows the importance of an optimally functioning body; AND that a healthy nerve system is a great place to begin – in adults, kids, and babies alike!

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