FAQs About InvisaRed

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions about InvisaRed Q. How is invisa-RED™ different from other body slimming technologies? A. Other body slimming devices are only able to accomplish temporary inch loss through skin tightening in the area of treatment. invisa-RED™ is the only clinically proven device for weight reduction, fat reduction and inch loss. invisa-RED™

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New Year, New You! A Refresher On The 6 Aspects Of Health!

The new year means a great time to review the 6 aspects of health. If you are setting goals this year, these 6 areas can be a great launching point for health-related resolutions. Or maybe you are disenchanted with the excited frenzy and potential letdown of setting New Year’s Resolutions each year? Read my post

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Zero Calorie Foods

Dieting is not fun. I have never met anyone who enjoyed it. Part of that is our concept of “dieting”. Rather than viewing our DIET as our habits of food intake – literally that which we eat (definition), we think of DIET as a punishment, chore, or restriction (change in diet to lose weight). Change the

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Do you know the most common New Year's Resolution?

Surveys show that the most common resolution made is weight loss. I get it – everyone wants to look good, wear their favorite skinny jeans, and feel proud when they look in the mirror. But are we thinking of weight loss in healthy terms?What do I mean? Weight loss for the sake of weight loss, or beauty, or a

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6 Facets of Health for the New Year – Part 5: Exercise!

Many people take a look at their physical exercise regimens this time of year. Some for weight loss, some to feel better in the new year, some to get back on track after a crazy holiday season, and some just for overall health purposes! Exercise is something that is easy to put off because many

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