Improve your health in just 15 minutes a day

Looking to invest in your future and make some changes in your health this year? Small changes add up to BIG results. And the more you can make those changes a habit, the more your body will THANK YOU for them later in life! If you are feeling lost and don’t know where to start,

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6 Facets of Health for the New Year – Part 5: Exercise!

Many people take a look at their physical exercise regimens this time of year. Some for weight loss, some to feel better in the new year, some to get back on track after a crazy holiday season, and some just for overall health purposes! Exercise is something that is easy to put off because many

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When do we adjust babies?

When do you want to think about getting your infant adjusted? Well, we think all babies and children should at least get a Chiropractic check-up to see if anything is affecting their ability to live and grow to their full potential. Children don’t typically complain of pain or issues until an irritation to their nervous

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