That First Step…

Are you a runner? Have you ever fallen out of running and then gotten back into it? Have you recently started running for the first time? No matter who you are or where your level of cardio is at, that first mile you run SUCKS… whether it’s the first time ever or the first time

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Fun at the Color Run!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Dr. Brian and I joined some friends in running at the Color Run in Denver. http://thecolorrun.com/gallery/ It starts with a typical 5K race. You wear as much white as possible. Then add in colored powder being tossed, swirled, and squirted at you 5 times throughout the race, and the result is a

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Labor Day Road Race

My sister Kim was in town this weekend, so Dr. Brian and I signed up to run a Labor Day 5k with her. I have to admit I can’t run like I did back in my high school cross country days. Brian and Kim both left me in their dust, but I still managed to

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