Heartburn Triggers

Heartburn Is No Joke Have you ever been kept awake at night by heartburn? Luckily, the only times I’ve suffered from this uncomfortable nuisance was during pregnancy… It was not great. That being said, there are millions of people – pregnant and not – who deal with heartburn regularly. There are a lot of factors

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Essential Oils Workshops

Have You Heard? In partnership with local area essential oils expert Jamilyn Kraft, we’ve been putting on some oil workshops on various topics at our office. We have another one scheduled for this Thursday evening (September 28th) at 5:15pm! Want to know more about what to expect? At each workshop, we dive into the specifics

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What is a Due Date?

Did you know due dates are notoriously inaccurate? They are right only 4% of the time. So why is it so hard to predict when baby is coming? First, implantation of the embryo¬†into the uterus can occur anywhere from 3 to 12 days after conception takes place. That is a pretty big window. Second –

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cravings – what do they mean?

As some of you know, I’m expecting our first child this June. Being pregnant has been a lot of fun. I mostly attribute feeling so great to the many rockstar adjustments Dr. B has given me so far over the past 6 months, combined with my excitement to meet this little guy or girl. I

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Medical Assumptions

Thank God for medical care. If I get into a car crash and need surgery to remove a piece of glass from my abdomen, I am thrilled that we have the technology for that. But what if I have a cold? Or a digestive issue? Or a headache? I have experienced all these things. But

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