Is Your Wallet Hurting Your Spine?

Dr. Melissa is joining us this week for another guest blog! She is talking about how something as seemingly insignificant as a wallet in your back pocket can actually be setting you up for pain, stress, and misalignment in your body. Your wallet is probably not something that you have considered to be attributing to that low back pain that you have been feeling. It’s

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Back Pain

I understand there’s a time and place for pain medication. If I (knock on wood) were to break a bone, I’m sure I would welcome the reprieve some pain killer could offer me while my body healed. For those who need a surgery, thank goodness there are chemical ways to be given the opportunity go

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What causes disc injury?

The number one way to develop a lower back disc injury involved flexing forward and reaching /or lifing from the lower back. This is why you always hear “lift with your legs!” It is truly an important and wise piece of advice. When you flex forward from the back and use your smaller postural muscles to

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