What Are You Grateful For?

I blog about gratitude somewhat often… But there’s a reason. Gratitude has been shown to immediately and effectively improve your mood, your outlook, your happiness levels AND your long term health. All that from just some thankfulness? YES PLEASE! What Is Gratitude? To be grateful means to appreciate benefits received or express gratitude and thanks. The law

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The Many Benefits Of Laughter

Did you know that when you make someone laugh that you very well may be helping them strengthen their immune system, reduce food cravings, or even increase their threshold for pain? There’s even an emerging field known as “humor therapy” that is helping patients heal more quickly after surgery. What Does Laughter Do? Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine.

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Light Your Way To Health

Nikki is back this week for another guest blog! She is sharing some smart and easy tips you can add to your day to improve your health. Pick one idea to focus on this week and you’ll be heading in a better direction already! What do you do to light YOUR way to health?! Improving

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Words of Encouragement

As humans, we aren’t perfect. And that’s okay! And the sooner we embrace that, the better.  You see, it’s good to have knowledge and goals about what it means to be healthy. Prevention is important. But it’s also okay to give yourself room to fail.  You will have days where you don’t sleep enough. That’s

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