Reap The Benefits Of A Prevention Mindset

This morning, I found myself needing to run out to the garage for something. I was still getting ready for the day, and I was barefoot. Just by a glance out the window, I knew the cement floor of the garage would be freezing. Some days I wouldn’t have minded, but today I felt chilled

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Chiropractor’s Spotlight On Nutrition: Omegas

Omega- What To Know: Omega 3 Fatty Acids are essential for brain development and function. We call them “omegas” for short. They are “essential”, not only because they are NEEDED for this important organ, but because we can’t produce them! Therefore, we have to eat them on a regular basis! Not only are they helpful

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Webster Technique for Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is fast becoming a popular choice during pregnancy. Some people see a Chiropractor during pregnancy because they were already getting adjusted prior to getting pregnant, and they want to continue the great wellness benefits of having top-notch nervous system function. Some come as part of their preparation for the big event: labor. Some start getting adjusted

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