Practice Member Appreciation Is Approaching!

Just a reminder to be sure and get scheduled during our Patient Appreciation Week June 4 – June 8th! We will have fun events, thank you gifts, giveaways, raffles, and surprises ALL WEEK LONG! A Chance To Celebrate YOU! We are so thankful for our practice members and the support of the Fort Collins and

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Phone On The Fritz Has your phone ever started acting a bit squirrely? Occasionally my phone will be on the fritz… It’s like nothing wants to work the way I want it to … or the touchscreen isn’t working properly … or who knows! And in these situations, my first reaction is usually to just

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Athletes and Chiropractic

Athletes In Motion

Sports are so much fun – and a GREAT way to get healthy exercise. Athletes require a lot from their bodies: running, jumping, dodging, diving, passing, shooting, catching, swimming, biking, hitting, thinking about their next move and more! Doing this well requires quick, intelligent, and proper input from the brain — which means, in turn, that the nerves that carry these signals  need to be up and running at their best. If the nerve system can function optimally, so too can the body! This means better performance, better recovery time, less injury, and quicker reaction time.

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Chiropractic: Not Just For The Professionals

Professional teams have discovered how vital chiropractic tune-ups are, which is why nearly all of these teams have a chiropractor on staff for their athletes. So it makes sense that even the most amateur athlete should get tuned up with a chiropractic adjustment. The benefits are many, like I mentioned: improved performance, better coordination and balance, faster recovery time, less likelihood for injury, improved training and learning, and quicker reaction time – to name a few! But anyone who engages in an athletic event can enjoy these benefits. This means whether you like to golf or job on the weekend, or you are hoping to be recruited to a Division I school, chiropractic can add potential to your life.

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You might be wondering WHY chiropractic can help and provide athletes with so many benefits. It’s simple: The nerves control and coordinate everything going on in the body. Stress impacts these nerve pathways negatively, bogging them down and causing them to function less than ideally. Adjustments remove that stress, allowing those signals to move to and from the brain more efficiently. Put another way: You move more like a freshly tuned engine.

Where Do We Come In?

Our passion is helping you achieve your best performance – and health – through chiropractic. Call us for more information at 970-232-9258 or fill out our contact form to schedule! 

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What Do Chiropractic And Dentistry Have In Common?

I was sitting in the dentist last week, waiting for my regular cleaning, and I started thinking….Although a dentist deals with oral health and a chiropractor deals with nerve system health, there are a LOT of similarities between our professions! Why Regular Visits? It’s a pretty well known fact that most people should visit their

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Peak Performance celebrates 5 years in business this month! We are excited for this milestone. We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our practice members and loved ones for their support in our chiropractic adventure here in Fort Collins! We have enjoyed all the miracles – both big and small – that we

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