Chiropractor’s Spotlight On Nutrition: Magnesium

Magnesium: What Is It? Magnesium is a powerful little mineral. And it’s very important to our health and day-today function. Magnesium is required for over 300 bodily functions and biochemical reactions. Check it out… Some Of Magnesium’s Jobs Include:  Maintaining proper nerve function Maintaining proper muscle function Supporting the immune system Keeping the heart beating

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Blowdryer Slowing Down?

So why am I writing about a slow blowdryer on a chiropractic blog? Wait for it….. When It All Began So a month or two ago I was commenting to Brian how hot it seemed while getting ready one morning. He told me that it has been the most humid summer in Colorado since…. pretty

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Can't go?? What to know….

A constipated kiddo – Not fun to watch, right? It’s also hard when you’ve tried everything you can think of and just don’t know what else to do to help! I recently saw this picture in an ad for a variety of Enfamil baby formula, which aims to ease digestion issues, such as constipation. I can’t speak

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Why Not?

Why not? I hang out with many people and chiropractors that tell people why they should be seeing a chiropractor.  Many of their reasons are perfect and valid and actually make a lot of sense to people that want to take control of their health and actually use a form of HEALTHcare not regularly utilized

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