My All Time Favorite Testimonial

My favorite testimonial is one I hear all the time, actually:  “I can’t believe how much better my life is now than it was one year ago.” Committing To Health When people commit to their health (such as regular chiropractic adjustments to remove stress from their nerve system) for a long period of time, the

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Did you know dogs make people healthier?

Did you know that, on average, people who own a dog tend to be healthier than those who don’t? AND they are less at risk for heart disease! Why is that? Several reasons! There is, of course, a mental health benefit to owning a furry companion who loves you unconditionally… but today I am going to focus on the

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Luck O' the Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today in our culture we pretty much just celebrate St. Patrick’s day with some extra green, whether in our clothes, food or beer… maybe a parade or a family-friendly 5k, and of course some March Madness basketball. Seeing all the decorations of little leprechauns, lucky clovers and pots of gold always

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