Treat Your Body Like an Olympian!

The Olympics are such a fun time! A showcase of all the world’s best athletes and their capabilities. It is truly an awe inspiring testament to what our bodies can do. To compete and race at such highly competitive levels, athletes train for hours, days, weeks and years. They treat their bodies very well to achieve

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Zero Calorie Foods

Dieting is not fun. I have never met anyone who enjoyed it. Part of that is our concept of “dieting”. Rather than viewing our DIET as our habits of food intake – literally that which we eat (definition), we think of DIET as a punishment, chore, or restriction (change in diet to lose weight). Change the

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Happiness and Gratitude

If you are anything like me, your inbox and social media feeds were bombarded with quotes, pictures, and thoughts about gratitude all of last week. I think that’s great – taking a moment to be thankful is one of the wonderful things about the Thanksgiving season! But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could show this much gratitude throughout

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