Have You Fallen Into Survival Mode?

Where Is Dr. Jenn? Some of you may have noticed that I came back from maternity leave a few months ago and then mysteriously disappeared again a couple weeks ago. Sadly, I broke my hand. I wish I could say I was doing something fun and adventurous when it happened… But alas I was not. In

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Autism and Chiropractic

You’ve probably noticed or heard the statistics – Autism is on the rise. Depending on the severity, this condition can affect a person’s physical, social, and cognitive skills. It can cause pain, attention issues, body control problems and verbal challenges, to name a few. There is a drastically wide range as to what or how

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Do Children go to the Chiropractor?

Our office is an ebb and flow of patients of all ages.  So it’s very likely that when an adult new patient comes in for the first time, they will happen across an infant getting adjusted, a toddler running down the hall, or a family heading out after their wellness check. Most of our practice members

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