What’s That Adjustment Sound?

We are often asked – “What’s that CRACKING sound during an adjustment?” Or sometimes a patient will say, “I need you to CRACK me today, Doc!” If someone asks us to “crack” them, we usually jokingly respond “Eggs get cracked — spines get adjusted!” But it’s a great question – and we love to help

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Chiropractic Vs. “Treatment”

Is An Adjustment A Treatment? The chiropractic adjustment is far from a treatment. What we are getting when we receive an adjustment is improved nervous system function. When allopathic doctors employ a medical “treatment” they look for a specific functional or chemical change to the human body. Chiropractors are not looking for something so specific

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6 Facets of Health for the New Year – Part 6: Nerve System!

So, you guessed it – I saved the best for last! The nervous system! You might be thinking, how can she choose a favorite facet out of the 6 facets of better health? I think you might agree when you see where I’m coming from. Remember how you’ve heard that the nerve system is the system that

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