A simple review: The 6 aspects of health!

Peak Performance Chiropractic6 aspects of healthA simple review: The 6 aspects of health!

Before we wake up and are suddenly hit with the fun and excitement of the upcoming holidays, I thought it would be a perfect time to review the 6 aspects of health. It’s easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and forget to make time for our health. But your health is important to keep you living and enjoying your busy life, so take a quick moment to seriously consider the following:

  1. Eat well: Nourish your body. Don’t stuff it with junk just because it “tastes good”. Expand your horizons with new veggies and fruits. Have you been on Pinterest? No excuse for not having a recipe that is healthy but tastes great! Fast food might be fast, but it’s not cheap nowadays… and the jury is still out on if it’s “food”. Your cells LITERALLY become what you eat. You have been charged with the task of taking care of your body. Do right by it, and give it some awesome foods loaded with vibrant colors, robust natural flavors and vitamins and minerals.
  2. Move daily: Exercise! Yup! This doesn’t mean you have to hit the weights at the gym 7 days a week. But it does mean you have to MOVE. Our ancestors walked, hunted, ran, built things, moved things, and were – in general – moving and grooving a lot more than humans to in present day. They didn’t have the automation of dishwashers, cars, laundry machines, and the convenience of grocery stores or restaurants. But guess what? Our joints and muscles and cells still have the same NEED for movement. We need to move – A LOT! – every day(!!!) so that our heart, our immune system, our flexibility, our digestion, our lungs our spines, and our minds get the physical nourishment, feedback and circulation they require for their best function.
  3. Hydrate often: At least half your body weight in ounces every day! Just water. Plain and simple. I hear a lot of excuses about this one. I bet in the time it would take you to explain to me why you don’t or can’t drink that much water, you could have downed at least 8 ounces! 😉 Go buy yourself a new and snazzy cup, bottle or glass that makes you happy. Now fill it with good old H20. Repeat. Repeat again. You can thank me later.
  4. Sleep lots: Be purposeful with your bedtime and sleep choices. Relax before bed. Invest in a great pillow. Get the TV out of your bedroom. Bonus tip: Get better at the other 5 items on this list and sleep will almost take care of itself!
  5. Think positively: Show, give and express gratitude. Sometimes we forget to slow down and realize just how good we have it. Yes, even with whatever problems we have going on. Hey, you woke up this morning! That’s something 🙂 Did you know that the more positive thoughts you think, the more positive thoughts or things you’ll see, think, notice, and receive? Have you ever gone car shopping? Maybe you found a make and model you just love in a beautiful new blue hue. You swear you’ve never seen this color before. That afternoon, you see 15 cars in that same color on your drive home. Same concept! Positivity attracts positivity!
  6. Get adjusted: You can’t live life to the fullest with stress on the ultimate command system of your body (the nervous system). That’s where chiropractic comes in. Regular adjustments are the tune-ups your body needs to stay in great working order.


Repeat for life. It should go without saying, but committing to a lifetime of health is a tough concept to swallow at times. However, if you are continuously working on, improving, and giving time, attention and energy to these 6 aspects of health, you WILL improve. You will have better function, better health gap, and therefore better prevention than if you don’t put a priority on your health. Want to know the best part? The more you do to improve your health in these 6 categories, the easier it gets! It all starts with a single step.

You get out of your health what you put into it. What jumps out at you from this list that you can give a little effort towards to give yourself a better future?

Change is hard, but you can do it! Let us know if we can help. We want to support you in your health discovery, efforts and journey! 970-232-9258

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