Sports Chiropractic

What Is An Athlete?

The doctors at Peak Performance Chiropractic have worked with athletes ranging from pro football and hockey players down to 4-year-old tee ballers. All of us at Peak Performance have a passion for sports. Our sports-specific training allows us to help any athlete reach their peak performance and prevent injury.

We know that no matter WHAT level you’re at in your hobby, sport, or activity, that it’s important to you to stay healthy and active so that you can participate and enjoy that activity.

People of all ages and lifestyles have different needs. This ranges from a baby and toddler learning to walk, run, and develop coordination, all the way to those kiddos starting on their sports and athletic journey, to high level high school and collegiate competition, and continuing into the various ways sports and athletics pop up in our adulthood, parenthood years, and even grandparent years. Let us help you stay active and enjoy those moments with your teams, loved ones, and friends.

What Ways Are We Different?

Dr. Brian specializes in detecting and preventing knee injury, as well as optimizing an athlete’s biomechanics and performance so they can work towards excellence in their chosen sport.

The knee analysis and adjustment that all 3 doctors at our office perform is helpful for weekend warriors, athletes, and even those with physical jobs. It doesn’t matter the reaon you need to be in top physical function: we are here for any of it.

Specific Sports Assessments

Dr. Brian does biomechanical golf swing checks, ACL risk assessments, and other function-specific tests and analyses to determind the best type of care for our athletes.

Sports Participation Physicals

This is one of our favorite community programs! We offer Sports Participation Physicals at Peak Performance Chiropractic. The cost is $50. Half of this fee is automatically donated BACK to your sport at your school! This is a great way we can serve highschool athletes in need of these physicals, while also helping you give back to your sports team. Current practice members as well as non-practice members are more than welcome to participate in this program.