Pain Management

People come to us for help with many conditions. These issues range from things like back pain, neck pain and headaches to help with recovery from sports injuries or lifestyle-related injuries. People also seek our help with extremity concerns such as shoulder and wrist pain, knee and ankle pain, tendinitis, and overuse injuries. How can Chiropractic be a consideration for so many issues? Because we focus on finding the reason your pain is occurring.

Chemical, Physical, and Emotional STRESS impacts our nervous system negatively. As your nerve system and spine accumulate increasing amounts of stress over time, your body begins to function abnormally, and you will likely start experiencing pain, discomfort or dysfunction in day-to-day bodily functions and activities, or other symptoms and signs of dis-ease.

Pain is often the body’s way of sending us a MESSAGE that it can no longer adapt to the stresses being placed upon it. Pain is our body’s way of saying “Help! Something is WRONG!” Our goal is to help find that cause, and let you know if chiropractic can assist in correcting the issue.

After a full evaluation, including our state-of-the-art nerve system scans, we will be able to determine if Chiropractic care can help you. By enhancing your nerve system and removing stresses and misalignments from your spine, your body can start to heal. This phase of care can be compared to peeling back the layers of an onion, as we peel back the effects of weeks, months, or even years of stress on the body.

During your reparative phase of care, we aim to bring the body and nervous system back to its best possible function. We do this with the use of neurologically specific chiropractic adjustments tailored specifically to you and your current state of health. By removing the interference on the nervous system, your brain and body communicate more effectively, allowing your body to function and heal naturally.

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