Peak Performance Offers Body Contouring Treatment in Fort Collins

The dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable staff at Peak Performance provide the utmost in non-invasive body contouring treatment in Fort Collins. We focus on each patient’s specific needs and tailor a program that delivers the maximum positive results. Our body contouring treatments provide excellent results in improving body tone and appearance. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with our caring and supportive staff. We can work with you to ascertain your goals and determine the proper plan for treatment.

Peak Performance Provides Cellulite Removal with Body Contouring in Fort Collins

Perhaps you are dealing with cellulite and excess fat you would like to reduce or remove. We offer cellulite removal in Fort Collins, as well as cellulite and fat reduction. We have the best treatments and remedies for cellulite. We utilize InvisaRed technology to non-surgically remove fat and cellulite, giving you the appearance you desire. The InvisaRed approach includes nutrition and education, lifestyle tips, ways to lower your stress and cortisol, and cellulite elimination. We work closely with you and devise an individualized plan that focuses on the best approach to help you achieve the results you are after. Please contact us and schedule a consultation with our compassionate and experienced staff. We focus on each individual person and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Please make the call today!

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