Reap The Benefits Of A Prevention Mindset

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This morning, I found myself needing to run out to the garage for something. I was still getting ready for the day, and I was barefoot. Just by a glance out the window, I knew the cement floor of the garage would be freezing. Some days I wouldn’t have minded, but today I felt chilled already and I didn’t want to put my toes through that, even if only for 30 seconds.
Standing in the laundry room, I saw a pair of my slippers peeking out from around the corner. How fortunate that I had forgotten to put them away! I immediately grabbed them and slid them onto my feet. To my surprise and delight, they were roasty-toasty warm and cozy! I had inadvertently left them laying on the heating vent! Fantastic! I skirted across the cold cement feeling confident, warm and happy.

Prepare For The Worst, Hope (And Prevent) For The Best

It got me thinking about preparation. We can’t always prepare for or prevent bad things, but when we do, it can make our lives much easier. Sometimes a good little surprise that stemmed from a great choice can turn into a big smile or great experience. My happy experience was a complete accident… but I was thankful for it nonetheless. Preparing for problems can be the difference between a bad day and a great day… or month, or year!
When it comes to our future health, preparation and prevention are two of the BEST investments we can put in. Positive choices now will add up to big results in the future.

The Reality Of Health

Not all bad health situations can be prevented. But we can prepare and treat our bodies with TLC, good fuel and healthy habits to offer ourselves the best chance at good, positive outcomes, because there is a correlation between how we treat our bodies now and how our bodies will treat us later.
Waking up in ten, twenty, or thirty years with little or no pain, not having to deal with disease (or at least as little as possible) or minimal adverse health issues would surely be as exciting or even more exciting than finding a warm pair of slippers on a cold day!
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Our mortality ensures that we all age, and that of course we will all die someday. But investment into our health and bodies will give us the best chance at active, healthful years for as long as possible while we are here.

Where Do You Begin?

Rather than getting overwhelmed, I like to start with one or two of the basic aspects of health. You can continue to add in more as you develop good habits. Any positive change you make is just that- a positive improvement in your future.
The six major tenants of health that I personally believe to be the pillars and starting points for great health are Sleep, Attitude, Nutrition, Hydration, Nervous System, and Movement.
There is a lot you can learn and expand to beyond and inside these six initial facets, but if you want some good ideas to get the ball rolling, we recommend investing in those six categories of health.
It’s never too late to make a good choice and impart positive change.

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