Peak Performance in Style Magazine’s March Issue!

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We’re In the Press Again!

One of the fun parts about our job is that people are often curious to learn more about what we do! Chiropractic, though surely gaining in popularity and awareness, hasn’t reached full mainstream understanding yet. And, at Peak Performance, we love to share! So when someone asks us for an interview, we almost always accept.

Check out the article written after our most recent interview in the Fort Collin’s magazine Lydia’s Style Magazine:

Why Doesn’t the Public Know More About Chiropractic?

During the 80’s, chiropractic was strongly branded for back pain — partly because it’s easy to understand AND because chiropractic care DOES often help with pain! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as for how chiropractic enhances our day-to-day living. We are passionate about sharing information about what chiropractic care really entails.

Because chiropractors take stress off the master control system of the body (aka the nerve system), adjustments help your body function more smoothly, efficiently, and health-fully. This means: Better healing, better adaptation to stress, better sleep, less sickness, less aches and pains, more energy, more flexibility, better attitude… The list goes on and on.

It’s scary what physical, chemical and emotional stress does as it piles onto your body over the years. By keeping your spine and nerve system “tuned up”, you can enjoy life in your body for longer, and prevent or postpone the degeneration and accompanying problems that come with it.

How is Peak Performance Different??

Our office focuses on restorative care (pain-relief), maintenance care (keeping you in your current healthy state once you reach it) and preventative care (keeping future health problems at bay). This means, no matter what your current state, what your current age, or what your health goals, we are able to focus on your lifestyle stresses. If chiropractic is right for you, we can then work to improve your nerve system and help you improve your days.

We also strive to keep care affordable so that the entire family can realistically get adjusted. This is why our office has become well known and popular in the Fort Collins and surrounding areas for families looking for a healthier, active, and preventative lifestyle. We hope yours will soon join us as members of our practice!

Many thanks to Style, for including us in their article!

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