The Benefits of Okra Pepsin E3: Vibrant Skin, Immunity Boost, and Better Nutrient Absorption

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This month we’re looking at ways you can boost your immunity and support your body’s natural digestion process. It’s time to love your intestines!

First things first—what exactly is the Okra Pepsin E3 supplement made up of? Okra Pepsin E3 has okra, extract from alfalfa, sunflower, carrot, Tillandsia usneoides, buckwheat, and pea, bovine orchic extract, pepsin, carbamide, alginic acid, and allantoin. Okra Pepsin E3, which has been called the “powerhouse of valuable nutrients,” captures nutrients for the body as they are found in nature.

Okra Pepsin is made by Standard Process, a company with strict and very high standards for the supplements it makes. We offer Standard Process because of these high standards and the commitment to providing ingredients that are in a whole food state so that they are as potent and useful for our bodies as possible!

Powerful enough for people with bowel irritability issues, stomach ulcers or even colitis, even if we don’t have such conditions we can benefit from Okra because of how it cleanses our small intestine.

Recall that the small intestine is key to our digestion and absorption of nutrients. Our first stage of digestion involves the release of protein digesting enzymes and hydrochloric acid. At this point, the pH in our stomach is lowered. The result, which we call chyme, is then passed into our small intestine for the next stage of digestion.

Secretin causes the pancreas to release bicarbonate into our small intestine at this stage, which protects it against acid coming from the stomach. Because of certain foods we eat today, many people experience what can be best described as a mucus buildup on the wall of their small intestine. Unfortunately the mucus build-up on our villi blocks the absorption of essential nutrients.

In some cases our bodies will react by producing additional amounts of enzymes to digest proteins—even though the nutrients are not even getting completely absorbed. You can see why this could be taxing on the body, and how it could contribute to gastrointestinal discomfort, among other issues.

By taking okra at the right times, we’re able to get a tissue repair boost over time.

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How does this happen? The okra sticks those pepsin enzymes to the mucus on the wall of our intestines, which allows our body to digest some of the mucus as it naturally should. When this occurs, it helps clean out our small intestine, helping us digest that mucus. Think of it as a way to make sure our pepsin is working as it should be in the digestion process. And, as you may have guessed, we’re both boosting our immunity, and we’re able to better absorb nutrients from our foods as a result.

Looking to support your tissue health, see better skin thanks to increased nutrient absorption, and to help your body naturally get rid of mucous waste? Talk to us about how you can experience the beneficial effects of vitamin E3 and the okra enzymes today!

Keep in mind our blog is not giving our any specific recommendations or nutritional advice—make sure to come in to our office to discuss any next steps with us on an individual basis first.

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