Medical Assumptions


Thank God for medical care. If I get into a car crash and need surgery to remove a piece of glass from my abdomen, I am thrilled that we have the technology for that.

But what if I have a cold? Or a digestive issue? Or a headache? I have experienced all these things. But do I need emergency care for them? Certainly not. Do I need medical care for them? Many would say yes. I say no. Here’s why:

Your body knows what to do — trust it!

If I eat something poisonous or spoiled… I could get diarrhea, or throw up! Oh the horror! Why would my body do that? It wants to get the “bad” food out ASAP. Should I take medication to stop my symptoms? Heck no – Those things are for my safety and protection. What happens if I do take a medication to stop the symptoms? The cause of the problem stays TRAPPED in my body longer, making me sicker. No thank you. Your body always does what is right for it at the time. Trust that innate ability. It’s amazing.

Definitions of Health:

1. The general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor.

2. Soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment.

I define health as the overall function and performance of my body. Not just a lack of symptoms, but rather a lack of underlying disease process; the body working optimally, the way it was designed. A pure, fully functioning nervous system and immune system. If I am attacked by a virus, I am thrilled that my body can get rid of it, easily and quicker than most. If I cut myself, I am thrilled it can heal and mend. If something scares me, I am happy my heart pumps harder, faster, making sure I can deal with the threat at hand. Why would I take medication to prevent that process? If I spike a fever, it is so that the viral proteins can be denatured and my cells are defended from this invader. Why would I take a pill to interfere with my body’s innate design? Soundness and vigor of the body requires all systems to function in harmony, without interference, and together as a team.

Medical assumptions: You can’t change, don’t want to change, or won’t change.

I do not sit here and place blame on doctors for pushing their model of healthcare (sick care).  That is how they are trained to treat; and their pills, medications, and surgeries are the only tools they have available to work with. I blame people for not asking why. And I blame our society’s blind trust in a “magic pill” or “miracle cure”. Health takes hard work, just like anything worthwhile. If you go to a medical doctor with a problem, they will ASSUME you can’t or won’t change your lifestyle or diet. If you get the flu every year, they assume you don’t care about changing your diet, taking supplements, exercising more, improving your nervous system function with chiropractic adjustments… They assume you want a “quick fix” or “band-aid” for the problem. So they recommend a flu shot, or a cold medication, etc. The problem is, they aren’t doing anything to better your health and improve the overall state of your body. So you still get sick every year. If you go to an OB-GYN because you can’t get pregnant, they assume you must have some underlying defect and we need to outsmart nature to fertilize an egg and help it grow. What if there is an issue with your nutrition and the body can’t support a fetus? What if the nerve flow to your uterus is only at 50% and it’s not functioning at it’s best? Shouldn’t we also address these issues to ensure a healthy pregnancy? Let’s say your gallbladder is inflamed. They assume you can’t or won’t change your lifestyle, so they figure the best bet is to just remove it. Who needs a gallbladder, right? Then why is it there to begin with?

Medical doctors make assumptions about your life every day. Are you willing to let them make those assumptions? Do you want to know other options about your health and longevity? Do you want to be the average American and take 12 or more medications daily by the time you are 60? We are here to help you understand how and why your health is the way it is. Take advantage of that. We will never assume for you. Health is ALWAYS a choice. Make yours wisely.


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