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Daylight savings time is here this weekend! I usually dread springing forward… even though I know the “lost hour” will come back to us in the fall, and I’ll be grateful for an extra hour of sleep then. Nevertheless, each year we all have to get on board and play the daylight savings game, reset all our clocks, and hope our internal clocks (but most importantly — our kid’s internal clocks) adjust promptly!

I was thinking about the concept of springing forward and it got me pondering the idea of forward thinking. I have an idea to put a positive spin on “springing forward” this year. Instead of feeling down about losing an hour of sleep, I’ve decided to think positively about forward thinking my health. Here’s why I think you should do the same:

Thinking “Forwardly” About Our Health Choices

If we forward think about our health choices, we can more easily make positive health choices throughout our day. Here are some examples on how to forward think your health choices:

  • “How will this make me feel later?”
  • “Will this move me in a more positive direction or a more negative direction?”
  • “Is this choice in line with my health goals and aspirations?”
  • “Will this help me or hurt me?”
  • “Will I be proud of this choice later, or regret it?”

An easy example is, of course, our plan for this weekend. Rather than going to bed at the usual time and then feeling groggy in the morning, why not just head to bed a bit earlier Saturday night? Easy peasy! Then we can still feel refreshed Sunday morning, and start our week off on Monday with energy and zest.

Food choices are another example. Is there a food you love the taste of, but know it makes you feel lethargic or crummy a few hours later? Or a favorite beverage? Instead of being satiated in the here and now, let’s forward think and make choices that will make us feel energized, nourished, and BETTER in a few hours, rather than causing us to feel bogged down and sick.

Forward Pace Your Prevention Attitude

Prevention can be hard to value – because no one can predict the future. We’ve all heard the scientific facts about keeping a healthy body, but we never know for SURE what one path or health decision will lead to compared to the opposite choice, or how well our body will adapt to whatever we put it through.

But here’s what we DO know: All our little moments and decisions each day all add up to one big thing: Our overall health habits and patterns. And while one little unhealthy choice here and there might not amount to much, repeated unhealthy choices DO add up to an unhealthy outcome. The good news? Repeated HEALTHY choices add up to a HEALTHY outcome! The choice is ours. If we think about the future as we make our present time choices, we will rest easy knowing our future selves will thank us.

Prevention shows up in a lot of different ways… Making good nutrition choices, choosing to walk a little longer than last time, working out instead of hitting the snooze, going to bed just 30 minutes earlier, choosing the positive response in an emotional situation over the negative reaction. Prevention is ingrained in our healthcare attitudes too. Do we wait for pain or problems to arise before seeing a chiropractor? Or do we get regular checkups to ensure optimal health and function and prevent health problems, and catch issues early on before they become detrimental health crises?

Chiropractic and Forward Thinking

Chiropractic care is best suited for the forward thinking individual. Yes, we can certainly help in pain management, injury recovery, and spinal maintenance after issues are present. And we absolutely love to help people in these situations, because we don’t want to see anyone living in pain, discomfort and sickness. But we help people most when we can PREVENT it from getting that far. Pain is your body’s final cry to help. What if you could prevent your stresses from ever getting that far? That is the ultimate in forward thinking, and I KNOW your future self, if given the chance, would love that option.

Subluxations that are adjusted early cause much less damage to the body than subluxations that have been sitting on the spine for years and years. This is why we are so passionate about spreading the word that chiropractic care starts in childhood.

How To Start Forward Thinking

Begin with little stuff: How can I better prepare myself for tomorrow? How can I nourish my body for my big day ahead? How could I respond in this situation to create less drama and “cleanup” later? What would help me get through this week more easily? Can chiropractic help me? We can help with the last one! Find out by scheduling your free consult with our team. Or maybe you’ve already seen a chiropractor, but fallen away from regular care? Give us a call! We would love to welcome you back!

Here are some categories and suggestions to which you can try adding your forward thinking. Pick a few ideas that jump out at you and see how it goes this week!

  • Healthcare: proactive choices, chiropractic care, good self-care habits
  • Nutrition: what you eat, how you nourish your body, the way you view food
  • Hydration: what you drink, how much, planning ahead to be prepared when away from the house
  • Mental state: how you think, what you think, mindfulness, prayer, meditation
  • Interactions with others: how you interact, talk with, treat, and socialize with friends, family and coworkers
  • Sleep: when, where and how you sleep
  • Activity choices: what you choose to do with your time, what and who you let into your world
  • Physical activity: how often you move, what activities you choose for exercise, attitude towards your body
Don’t let my ideas limit you. Tailor this list to your personal life! And most importantly, just have fun with it!! 

Have a wonderful weekend – even though it’s an hour shorter. I’ll be ready to rock on Monday anyway! … will you???

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