Life Hack Your Health


This morning in the shower, I noticed my body wash was running low. I shook the soap down and squeezed it onto my loufa. Then I placed the bottle back on my shower shelf upside down, so it would be faster to use next time.

That’s not a very earth-shattering concept – helping your shower soap drain so you’ll have an easier time next time… But I couldn’t help but wonder, does everyone do this? How annoying to have to wait for soap to drain out of the body wash bottle. LOL. Ok, I’m exaggerating… But it’s a great idea to find ways each day to help make our lives less stressful, right?

What Areas Of Stress Are Lurking?

So then I got to thinking… what other things in my day cause me unnecessary stress? How many things could I simplify to make them easier, better and more enjoyable the next time I do them?

Simple things – like prepping fresh snacks for the kids every couple days, so they don’t have to wait when they are hungry or we need to get out the door. Meal planning. Organizing and putting things away correctly so I can find them next time. Keeping the diaper bag stocked. Moving that toy I keep stepping over and grumbling about.

There are a million and one little things we could intentionally do to make our lives easier and less stressful.

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Life Hack Your Health

Health is the SAME way! Did you know you can systematize and improve your health with little, intentional steps and actions? Here’s some ideas:

  1. Plan ahead for healthy, homemade meals. We often resort to processed or fast food when we are unprepared.
  2. Bring water with you when you’re on-the-go. There’s nothing worse than getting thirsty and dehydrated when you are stuck driving around town.
  3. Systematize your movements. What can you do to increase your steps, movement and exercise throughout the day? Park further away? Squats while folding laundry? Listen to music and dance around the kitchen while cooking? (Put down the knives please.) Take a trip up and down the stairs every hour?
  4. Get adjusted. You know this is important! Can you find 20 minutes a week to zip into our office? You know you can!
  5. Turn off the TV. Do you normally watch TV to wind down at night? What could you do that’s more beneficial at least a few nights a week? A walk with your spouse? Read a great book? Organize your pantry??? What relaxes you?
  6. Minimize electronics in your room. It will help you get better Zzzz’s!
  7. Laugh! Call up that person that always makes you laugh. It’s a great stress reliever!

This list could go ON and ON as well! There are so many little “life hacks” we can set in motion or to give ourselves a break and a leg up on our health. Try a few things this week and see how it helps!

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