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Take A Sneak Peak Into Our Day!

Have you ever wondered what your typical Fort Collins chiropractor does throughout their day? Well, I can’t speak for what other chiropractors in town are doing… but here is a sneak peak into life at Peak Performance!

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The Start

We start the day by arriving prior to any scheduled patients to open the office and kick off the day with a morning huddle. What’s that? We have a quick morning meeting where we prep our minds and attitudes for the day: After all, preparation ensures the day runs smoothly! We preview the schedule with our team, ensure all paperwork and necessary items are prepped and ready, and check in with each other to be sure we are in the best mindset to be ready to serve all the patients on the day’s schedule.

Patient Adjustment Times

We have several long adjustment time blocks throughout our schedule each day. These times are the fast-paced fun times during our day! The adjustments are really the best aspect of being a chiropractor. We get to see the progress and improvement milestones of all our patients. We get hugs, high-fives, and stories from the world outside our doors. We provide smiles, purposeful and focused adjustments, and ensure each person leaves with a nervous system that is more tuned in than it was when they left. Our cells vibrate at a high and positive level, and we love every minute of it.

fort collins chiropractor

Consult and Exam Times

We reserve times in our schedule for new patient exams, progress evaluations, and consults. We enjoy exams, get-to-know-you appointments, consults, and progress evaluation appointments too, don’t get me wrong. . . But these appointments are a little more serious, and require us to really dig in with our thinking caps on. We know not all chiropractors perform detailed initial examinations followed up by progress evaluations along the way. But these tests are very important to us. We believe that, since your nervous system is the most important control system of the body, we should spend time and proper attention to evaluating its current status, and performing relevant tests to make sure we can help improve that status. We also believe it’s important to “check in” periodically throughout your active care, to make sure your progress is moving in the direction we want and anticipate.

Down Time

Depending on the day, there could be a lunch break or some other down time where there are no appointments on the schedule. We often take this time to catch up on emails, paperwork, and patient notes. We also use this time to touch base with the rest of the team. Most importantly, we take this time to rejuvenate to ensure we have energy, focus, and zeal to deliver rockstar adjustments to our practice members for the rest of the day. Snacks and lunches are always protein-packed and coupled with lots of hydrating water: for energy of course! We have to follow the same health rules as everyone else to stay at the top of our game! Often times, we will use down time to adjust our staff, or each other – if both doctors are around. We follow the same advice we give to you: regular adjustments for proper health and function!

End Of The Day

As the day winds to a close, we shut down the office and perform light cleaning and tidying up to make sure our physical space is ready to ROCK the next day. Then it’s off to our homes and families, to recharge and regroup for another day of spines, nervous systems and fun with our practice members in the little corner of Fort Collins we know as ours 🙂

How About Your Day?

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