Improve your health in just 15 minutes a day

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Looking to invest in your future and make some changes in your health this year? Small changes add up to BIG results. And the more you can make those changes a habit, the more your body will THANK YOU for them later in life!

If you are feeling lost and don’t know where to start, I am here to help. Here is my recipe for quick and easy changes you can make TODAY that will jump start you on a healthier path for a better tomorrow.

improve your health in just 15 min per day

Walk – Walk at least 6 days a week for AT LEAST 15 minutes per day. If you aren’t moving each day currently, this movement will be hugely beneficial for your joints, muscles and bones. It is also enough exercise to provide more mental benefit than an antidepressant medication. I challenge anyone who says they don’t have 15 minutes a day to spare. Where should you walk? Anywhere – on a treadmill, on the sidewalk, to a friends house, around the mall, up and down the stairs. The choice is yours, but get off that butt and walk!

PMA – During your 15 minute walk, practice PMA: Positive mental attitude. Think positive thoughts, remind yourself what in your life you are grateful for, or recite affirmations.

Day of rest: If you want to take a rest day from your new routine, use that day to go to your Chiropractor’s office and get an adjustment. A weekly adjustment removes stress from your nerve system, improves immune system function by 200%, and keeps you feeling great!

Better nutrition: Once a week, try a new fruit or vegetable. Making sure to incorporate FRESH fruits and veggies into EVERY meal will provide your body with fantastic vitamin and mineral nutrition, and keep your plate fresh, colorful and delicious.

These ideas are for beginners – if you already incorporate exercise and great eating habits into your life, think of something easy you could ADD to your current routine. (Hint: One more glass of water each day, 5 more miles per week, a morning plank, or 50 squats before bed!)


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