I used to think people who developed back pain were lucky….

Peak Performance ChiropracticSpinal HealthI used to think people who developed back pain were lucky….

I used to think people who developed back pain were lucky, especially if they developed it at a young age…. I know, that’s messed up right? But hear me out. So backtrack to my childhood: I grew up in the same world as you – a world in which Chiropractic is – for the most part – branded, and almost synonymous with “back pain”. I didn’t give it much thought. In fact, MY first experience with Chiropractic care was when I experienced a sports injury and knee pain.

Fast forward to my collegiate and graduate studies: In my clinical rotations, I saw people drawn to Chiropractic for a wide array of concerns, typically involving some sort of discomfort. In my classroom studies, I was learning all the CRAZY cool stuff about the nervous system, the immune system, our biochemistry, our physiological function and how it all relates and is affected by stress, subluxation, and spinal or nerve system issues. I was so amazed, and so intrigued. And my mind was working to connect these two worlds.

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So as my mind wandered, I figured…. well, people were more likely to see a doctor of chiropractic if they had pain…. And if they were more likely to SEE a chiropractor in the first place, they would be introduced to the world of OTHER great health benefits Chiropractic has to offer. In my early years of practice, I saw a pattern: patients come in with a problem, restore their body to a healthier status, then stick around to enjoy the long term benefits and maintenance of this new-found healthier self. This “sticking around phase” is the phase I love so much – the phase I see the greatest life changes through. Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED when I can help someone’s body heal to rid itself of headaches, back pain, a chronic cough, reproductive issues, constipation, or a knee problem. But I am ALSO thrilled when I see people staying healthier, living to their potential, and enjoying their hobbies, families, and days more than they did before.

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Fast forward to my experiences in practice today: There are still MANY people who initiate their care with us due to a symptom, ache, or pain. But there are ALSO lots of people who start chiropractic care even BEFORE the pain or symptom has shown up! It is my vision and dream that people in our communities continue to understand Chiropractic in all its facets: Both restorative care AND preventative care. When the perception that we need to wait to invest in our health until a problem arises shifts to a more whole body / wellness / prevention mentality, we will see a general reduction in our society’s pain, degeneration, and injury. When this happens, our human race will thrive at new levels. But even as this mindset is still shifting — we are here for you at Peak Performance – for prevention or pain, wellness care or relief care; we love helping our practice members with all of it!

So, while I don’t actually wish back pain or suffering on anyone, I do hope you and your loved ones find Chiropractic sooner in life rather than later!

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