Hooray for no more headaches

No one likes a headache!
Truly – what is more annoying when you are trying to study for a test, finish your work day, make dinner, or even play with your kids?
Headaches can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from something pretty easy to fix, like dehydration… to something more sinister, like brain disease.
Luckily, a high percentage of headaches are caused from subluxation! That’s right – any variety of chemical stress (that time you ate too many Cheetos and Halloween Snickers for a snack… or maybe that new drug you are on that comes with nasty side effects), physical stress (looking down at your phone too much, that rear end collision last week, or crashing on a friend’s couch), environmental stress (you are fighting off a cold… or perhaps you have fall allergies) or emotional stress (you are nervous about that exam or presentation coming up, you just had a fight with a loved one) …. Any of which will lead to subluxation in the vertebrae of the neck or upper back and BAM! The next thing you know – your body is calling out for help by making your head pound. This pain is a warning message that you need to modify, fix or ADJUST what is going on!
Do you know what is NEVER a cause of headache? Aspirin deficiency.
That’s right – covering up your symptom with pain relievers will get you through the day – but you aren’t doing yourself any favors in the long run!
At our office, we can analyze your stresses and your nerve system function to find out if your headache is indeed caused by a subluxation. If it is, Chiropractic adjustments will help your body HEAL, and in turn, will often result in you being able to reduce, minimize or even rid your life of headaches. So yes, this is why I said “luckily” a lot of headaches are caused by subluxation! If we know the CAUSE, we can CORRECT IT! Lots of people think they just have to live with their headaches. No more!
Chiropractic: Health without a prescription 🙂
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