Have You Fallen Into Survival Mode?

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Where Is Dr. Jenn?

Some of you may have noticed that I came back from maternity leave a few months ago and then mysteriously disappeared again a couple weeks ago.

Sadly, I broke my hand. I wish I could say I was doing something fun and adventurous when it happened… But alas I was not. In fact, it was just a fluke bump against some furniture that did the damage. So unlikely, in fact, that I denied it was broken for over a week.

Things like this remind us to take a look at how we are taking care of our bodies, and how our bodies are taking care of us in turn.

Survival Mode

At the time I broke my hand, I had gotten into a rut of “getting by”, feeling frazzled, and letting myself get a bit disorganized. These themes spilled over into my health as well. I was sporadic in taking my supplements, not making enough time for exercise, and slacking on my water intake. I wasn’t taking time each day for a bit of calm, recharge or mindset focus.

Basically, I had slipped into survival mode as I got used to balancing two kids instead of one, household obligations, work obligations and all the other little things life threw my way.

And so, one morning when I was trying to get a little too much done, I was carrying the baby, not paying attention and hurrying and scurrying about —- and I turned the corner just right and my free hand met the edge of the dresser – hard. Oops!

Getting Back To Health

Sometimes the universe has a way of slowing us down when we need it most – even though we might not realize it (or want it).  I’ve realized over the last couple weeks that I needed to get back to some of my basic health habits so that I can show up and be there for my family, myself, and my practice members.

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So, Peak Performance crew, I’m on the mend!! I hope to be seeing all of your awesome faces again soon in just a few short weeks. And luckily, in the meantime, Dr. Brian is there to take great care of you on the Fridays I had been working!

Until then, take it from me – not only does haste make waste, but ignoring your body’s little warning signs can lead to bigger problems. When we let the frenzy of life pull us into its whirlwind, the outcome is usually not in our favor.

What About You?

Take a moment today to reflect on some areas in your life that you could invest just a little energy to reap big rewards. Perhaps your body needs some recovery and you should head to bed sooner. Maybe your nutrition could use an upgrade. Maybe it’s time to give yourself a pep talk to find time for mental relaxation each day. Or it could be committing to a weekly adjustment to combat the physical and emotional stresses of life.

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