Happiness and Gratitude


If you are anything like me, your inbox and social media feeds were bombarded with quotes, pictures, and thoughts about gratitude all of last week. I think that’s great – taking a moment to be thankful is one of the wonderful things about the Thanksgiving season!


But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could show this much gratitude throughout the year? After the charm of the holiday has worn off? When the cold of February sets in (hint: we could be thankful we have a house to live in and protect us!)… When the morning traffic slows us down in April (hint: we could be thankful we have a car, and a job to drive to!)… When cleaning our toilet next August (hint: we could be thankful we have indoor plumbing!)… And the list goes on.

The more Thanksgiving posts and emails I saw, the more I thought about this. We should focus on giving thanks every month – not just November! Making gratitude part of our day is scientifically proven to improve our positive emotions, increase our satisfaction in life, lower our blood pressure, and help us better cope with stress and difficulties. Even more so, the effects of positivity on our brains help us stay HEALTHIER. And our health is another thing we should be very grateful for!

Read more about how gratitude improves our health and helps us stay happy HERE in this article from Action for Happiness.

Here is my challenge to you: Each night for the next month, think over your day and come up with 3 things you are grateful for. Write them down in a journal, tell your spouse or a friend, or say them aloud to yourself in the mirror. I bet you will be smiling more even before the month ends!


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