Gratitude and Health


Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you are all having a very happy, healthy and fun-filled Thanksgiving Day!

You hear a lot about gratitude and it’s positive effects on your life lately. And I’m sure you’ve heard me talk a lot about gratitude, positive mental attitude, and vibrational energy for health and happiness. It’s amazing what our choices, thoughts, and attitude can have on our health and mood.

Seven Health Benefits Of Gratitude

Gratitude is a way you can immediately turn your thoughts to positivity. I read an article this morning that reviewed 7 surprising health benefits of gratitude. Here’s the basics from the article and some of the ways gratitude changes your life:

  1. It makes you more patient
  2. Gratitude improves relationships
  3. Helps improve your self-care
  4. It helps you SLEEP!
  5. Helps you avoid overeating
  6. Eases depression
  7. Gratitude gives you happiness that LASTS

Any one of those is a great reason to focus on gratitude this weekend!

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See You Monday!

We are out of the office today and tomorrow to spend time with family and celebrate. But we will see you first thing Monday morning! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Source: Want to read the Times article? Read more here!

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