Golf season in full swing!


This time of year, we always get asked what would be the best time to prepare for the golf season …. and the best time is NOW! The grass is growing… You can see driving ranges spotted with golfers, dusting off their swing for the summer…. and with the early Spring we’ve been having, golf courses have seen some nice traffic as well.

gold ball


Chiropractically speaking, this is the time to iron out any spinal and joint issues that could be holding you back from your personal best season. If you have a biomechanical fault in your swing, you need to address that problem now before you start swinging a club for the summer. Dr. Brian is trained to analyze the biomechanics of your golf swing to look for errors in joint motion that can hold you back from a proper, full swing or that could be setting you up for injury later this year. He will be the first to tell you that he will not fix your golf swing itself, but what he CAN do is diagnose any problems with the biomechanics and start you on the road to an injury-free season.

What do we look at in the Golf Swing Analysis? We look at 3 dimensions of the swing: Thoracic (mid back) extension, ankle mobility, and hip rotation. Analyzing and correcting problems with just these 3 levels can help with back, hip, knee, wrist, ankle, elbow, and neck problems that could ail you during this upcoming season.

Want more information on how to make this golf season your best, safest yet? Give us a call to schedule your golf swing analysis! 970-232-9258