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Have You Heard?

In partnership with local area essential oils expert Jamilyn Kraft, we’ve been putting on some oil workshops on various topics at our office. We have another one scheduled for this Thursday evening (September 28th) at 5:15pm! Want to know more about what to expect?

At each workshop, we dive into the specifics on how to tune-up an area of your life or health: things like weight loss, stress, sleep and other daily life and health factors that impact our days. Dr. Brian weighs in on the workshop’s topic in relationship to our bodies, chiropractic and the nerve system. Then he gives the floor to Jami who shares tips and ideas for incorporating essential oils for that same topic or health concern. This week, we will be focusing on essential oils that support pregnancy, babies and kids! 

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A Personal Example

One of my goals for my second pregnancy was to prepare for a more relaxing birth environment. My first birth went just fine, but I found I wasn’t as relaxed as I had hoped. So, for Mackenzie’s birth, I had a lot more prepared: I dimmed the lights, placed flame-less candles all around the room,  I had my favorite relaxation essential oils prepped in spritzer bottles, and the diffuser was on standby as well! I prepped bottles of four oils: Serenity, Balance, Wild Orange, and Lavender. I also had an extremely relaxing music playlist loaded onto my phone, as well as my favorite birth affirmations running through my head and written out for Dr. Brian to read to me if I got into a tough spot. The day of the big event, I found Balance and Serenity to be the oils I gravitated towards. I diffused Serenity and used the spritzers occasionally.

During my first birth, I had none of these elements — I think I dimmed the lights — that was it! The combination of the newly added relaxation techniques made the whole experience much more enjoyable and I definitely felt more able to relax. It seemed to help the process too – since I shaved 6.5 hours off my labor time from my first to second time through — and I thought the first one was pretty fast at 10.5 hours!

Use Oils For Things That Work For You!

There is a lot of talk about essential oils out there these days. How do you know what to trust? What to try? Where to begin? What exactly can you use them for? Health? Cleaning? Cooking? Toiletrees? The key is finding someone to help you learn about how to use them safely, and then incorporating them in ways that work for you! You don’t have to use oils for everything — but you might find that they enhance certain aspects of your day. Come with questions and curiosity! We’ll have some fun while you learn as well!


Email us, or give us a call at 970-232-9258 if you’d like to join us. The class is FREE and packed with fun ideas and information. We can’t wait to see you!

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